Earth is exquisitely beautiful; a planet, washed in water and surrounded by a thin atmosphere with swirling white clouds. This planet—our home—is a system of moving gas, liquid, and solids with numerous interconnected and interdependent components. We have mapped its volcanoes, studied the structure and composition of the continents and the deep ocean floor, gaining insight into the planet's origin and history. We also have peered into Earth’s depths and discovered that its interior is churning slowly and how such movements affect the very surface of the planet. We have extended our exploration into the vastness of space and found that every object in the solar system contains part of a record of planetary evolution that helps us understand Earth. With these new perspectives on our planet, we can develop an all-encompassing view of how Earth operates as a constantly changing dynamic system.

First Edition

We are pleased to announce that a new edition of this book is now available. Dynamic Earth has just been published by

Jones & Bartlett Learning

10th Edition